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Journey Songs Second Edition

By Randall De Bruyn et al, Ed

Portland: OCP, 2003. assembly edition. First Printing. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $15.39

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

By Rory Cooney, Arr

Chicago: GIA, 1999. Good. Choral Octavo. SAB. Catalogs: Hymnals, Advent Christmas Epiphany Candlemas Musi, Hymn Concertatos and Hymn Anthems.

AUD $4.10

O Worship the King
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O Worship the King

By Jonie Eareckson Tada et al

Wheaton, IL.: Crossway Books, 2000. ISBN: 1581342152. Hard Cover. Very Good. Book and CD. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $20.52

Songs of Praise Volumes 1 and 2

By Word of God Music, compilers

Servant Music 1979. melody and harmony edition three punched vinyl will separate. HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $12.31

Worship the Lord

By Lloyd A Larson et al Ed

Anderson, IN: Warner Press, 1989. cover embossed Cedar Street Church of God Alexander City, AL.. ISBN: 0871625067. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Hymnal of the Church of God. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $12.80

Sharing God's Gifts Songbook

By Sharing God's Gifts Vacation School Series Ed

Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1978. First Printing. Trade Paperback. Good. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $4.10

Return to Me

By Owen Alscott et al. Editors

Portland, Or: OCP, 1992. Good. Keyboard Vocal Score. Music for Funerals and Healing. Catalogs: Hymnals, Liturgical Music Western Rite.

AUD $10.26

In the Peace of Christ

By Christopher Wilcock

North Blackburn, Victoria, Australia: Collins Dove/HarperCollins Australia, 1993. ISBN: 1836712461. Spiral. Good. Illus. by William Hung. Music for the Funeral Rites. Catalogs: Hymnals, Liturgical Music Western Rite.

AUD $18.47

Psalms and Acclamations

By Steven Farney et al

San José, CA: Resource Publications, 1991. accompaniment Songbook. Good. Guitar Accompaniment. Catalogs: Hymnals, Liturgical Music Western Rite.

AUD $6.16

Merry Christmas/Wesolych Swiat

By Polish Roman Catholic Union of America, Ed

Chicago: PRCUA. Words only booklet for familiar Polish and American Christmas Carols. Good. Pamphlet. Catalogs: Hymnals, Advent Christmas Epiphany Candlemas Musi.

AUD $5.13

Hymnal for Worship

By The Program Committee for Professional Church Leadership, Ed

New York: National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., 1983. 2 copies. Second Printing. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. With Worship Resources and Services.

AUD $15.39

Service Book and Hymnal

By Commission on the Liturgy and Hymanl, Ed

Minneapolis and Philadelphia: Augusburg/Board of Publication LCA, 1968. Eleventh Printing. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Hymnal Accompaniment.

AUD $18.47

Songs of Joy Through the Church Year

By Norman and Marilynn Thalmann

Philadelphia: Fortress, 1963. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Illus. by Robert Allen, Robert J. Anderson,Angelo I Sera, Harvey Lund, Howard Pippin. Hymnal Accompaniment. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $16.41

New Songs of Rejoicing

By David P. Schaap editor

Selah, 1994. vinyl cover four part harmony and accompaniments. ISBN: 0962255394. First Edition Second Printing. Soft Cover. Good. Hymnal Accompaniment. HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $13.64

God's People Worship

By L. Dean Bye

Mel Bay, 1984. ISBN: 0871660075. Spiral. Good. Hymnal Accompaniment. LITURGICALMUSIC LITURGICAL MUSIC WESTERN RITE NATURAL HISTORY HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $7.95

Hymns for Baptism and Holy Communion

By Inter Lutheran Commission on Worship, edited

Inter Lutheran Commission on Worship 1972. melody edition. CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP 4 HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $4.10

The Todd Alan Constable Hymnary

By Todd Alan Constable

Chicago: GIA, 1994. Good/No Jacket. For Congregation Choir and Organ. Keyboard Vocal Score. ISBN:0941050572.. EIGHTEEN NEW HYMNTUNES WITH VARIOUS TEXTS 0941050572 HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $7.95

The Hymnal first edition second printing 1975

By Carol Giesebrecht editor

The Baptist Federation of Canada, 1975. hardback no dustcover. HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $17.34

Dear God, Thanks for Your Help

By Ronald A. Nelson

Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1987. Keyboard Vocal Score.. A CHILDREN'S SONGBOOK HYMNALS HYMN CONCERTATOS AND ANTHEMS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $4.10

Thirty New Hymns full music edition

By Michael Forster,

Mayhew, 1992. accompaniment/four part choir edition vinyl cover. TEXT BY MICHAEL FORSTER HYMNALS. Catalogs: Hymnals.

AUD $11.29

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