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Sociology and Anthropology From Joseph P. Cirou



By Napoleon A. Chagnon

New York: Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1968. ISBN: 030710707. Trade Paperback. Good. 030710707 SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY ABORIGINAL PEOPLES. Catalogs: Sociology and Anthropology.

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Voices from the Fields

By S. Beth Atkin

Boston: Little Brown, 1993. ISBN: 0316056322. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY HISPANIC STUDIES. Catalogs: Hispanic Studies, Sociology and Anthropology.

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In the Shadow of the Factory

By Patricia Slade Lander

New York: Schenkman/John Wiley Cambridge, Ma, 1976, 1976. ISBN: 047001380x. Trade Paperback. Good. SOCIAL CHANGE IN A FINNISH COMMUNITY SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Catalogs: Sociology and Anthropology.

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Catholic Fertility in Florida

By Thomas Francis Coogan

Murray and Heister, 1946. doctoral dissertation. DIFFERENTIAL FERTILITY AMONG 4, 891 FLORIDA CATHOLIC FAMILIES LOCAL HISTORY NON CANADIAN SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Catalogs: Sociology and Anthropology.

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Heaven and Earth

By Steve Wick

New York: St Martins, 1996. ISBN: 0312143524. Good. Illus. by Lynn Johnson, Photographer. Galley/Proof. LAST FARMERS OF THE NORTH FORK GENERAL BIOGRAPHY. Catalogs: Biography, Sociology and Anthropology.

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