Avi (1937 – )

Edward Irving Wortis is better known by the pen name Avi.

An American author of more than 75 books for children and young people. Wortis was born in Brooklyn in 1937. When he was a year-old his twin sister gave him the nickname 'Avi,' which he's published under since his first book Things That Sometimes Happen (1970).

In 1991 he received a Newbery Honor Award for his historical novel The Truth Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, and in 1993 he was awarded a Newbery Honor Award for Nothing But the Truth, a 'documentary novel,' that illustrates the subjectivity of the truth. He was awarded the Newbery Medal in 2003 for his 50th book - Crispin: The Cross Of Lead. Avi has written books in multiple genres, including historical fiction, fantasies, graphic novels, comedies, mysteries, ghost stories, adventure tales, realistic fiction, and picture books

Books by Avi