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Svenska Antikvariatfö reningen (SVAF), established in 1936, belongs to the five associations that met at the Preliminary Conference in Amsterdam in 1947 during which the idea of founding an International League of Antiquarian Booksellers was developed, before the ILAB was officially established in Copenhagen in 1948. Today SVAF has 64 members, from Ystad in the South to Boden in the North. Current president is Sigbjörn Ryfö . Since 1936 the Swedish trade has changed dramatically, as everywhere. With the growing influence of the internet, many Swedish dealers have specialized. As a consequence, the Antiquarian Booksellers? Associations of Sweden, Denmark and Norway decided to set up an online database for their members ten years ago: went online in October 1998, it has 97 participants and over 1.572.000 titles today. Visit Svenska Antikvariatfö reningen online

Antikvariat Bothnia

Antikvariat Bothnia ~ established 1987

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Centralantikvariatet in Stockholm deals with rare and academic books in history, archaeology and related subjects, but we also have a…

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Kleynes Antikvariat

Visit our shop in the oldest parts of Karlstad Sweden. Open wednesday to friday 12-18. visit our homepage for more…

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