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Sociology and Anthropology From



By Napoleon A. Chagnon

New York: Holt Rinehart and Winston, 1968. ISBN: 030710707. Trade Paperback. Good. 030710707 SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY ABORIGINAL PEOPLES. Catalogs: Sociology and Anthropology.


Voices from the Fields

By S. Beth Atkin

Boston: Little Brown, 1993. ISBN: 0316056322. First Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY HISPANIC STUDIES. Catalogs: Hispanic Studies, Sociology and Anthropology.


In the Shadow of the Factory

By Patricia Slade Lander

New York: Schenkman/John Wiley Cambridge, Ma, 1976, 1976. ISBN: 047001380x. Trade Paperback. Good. SOCIAL CHANGE IN A FINNISH COMMUNITY SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Catalogs: Sociology and Anthropology.


Catholic Fertility in Florida

By Thomas Francis Coogan

Murray and Heister, 1946. doctoral dissertation. DIFFERENTIAL FERTILITY AMONG 4, 891 FLORIDA CATHOLIC FAMILIES LOCAL HISTORY NON CANADIAN SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY. Catalogs: Sociology and Anthropology.


Heaven and Earth

By Steve Wick

New York: St Martins, 1996. ISBN: 0312143524. Good. Illus. by Lynn Johnson, Photographer. Galley/Proof. LAST FARMERS OF THE NORTH FORK GENERAL BIOGRAPHY. Catalogs: Biography, Sociology and Anthropology.