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Perhaps nothing tells the story of popluar culture than the posters we create. Concerts classical and rock. Plays, movies and auctions. From commercial advertisements to works of the WPA. This is the story of the way we lived.

Hand-drawing Cultural Revolution propaganda poster: by Revolutionary Committee of Epidemic Prevention of Yunnan Province

Hand-drawing Chinese propaganda poster: "Holding highly the flags of Maoism Thought to eliminate leptospirosis thoroughly." 1971. 89cm x 62cm. All of the painting and red Chinese characters are hand-drawing, only the below black Chinese characters were ty...

From Asia Medicine and Humanities Books


LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN [PÉCHÉ MORTEL] (1945) by Georges Dastor

Vintage original 47 x 63" (120 x 160 cm.) affiche grande poster, France. Gene Tierney, Cornel Wilde, Jeanne Crain, Vincent Price, Mary Phillips, dir: John M. Stahl; Twentieth Century Fox. On linen, there has been normal touch-up along fold lines and to ad...

From Walter Reuben, Inc.


Metropolis (Original UK Program for the 1927 film) by Fritz Lang (director); Thea von Harbou (screenplay, novel)

London: Wardour Films / Universum Film [UFA], 1927. Original program for the London premiere of the film on March 21st, 1927 at the Marble Arch Pavilion, preceded in English by the US release earlier that month but with different title cards. Director La...

From Royal Books, Inc.


A Collection of Motivational Poster Cards (Poster Sales Letters)

Chicago. C.J. Howard. 1927. Collection is contained in original imprinted cardboard C.J. Howard packaging box. 7"x4.75" when closed (horizontal folding card).7"x9.5" when opened. Each card presents a striking Art Deco multicolored lit...

From Heldfond Book Gallery, ABAA-ILAB



Paris, 1928. (Paris 1928) 4to, mustard cloth; front cover lettered in silver and black. Fine ( binding not raveled!) . Title page on translucent paper, portrait of Paul Poiret, half-title and introductory page of text. No other volume was published. Six t...

From Marilyn Braiterman Rare Books



1942. [MOVIE POSTER, lithograph]. THE GOLD RUSH (United Artists, R-1942). "The Gold Rush" is considered by many to be Chaplin's greatest masterpiece. This is a poster for the 1942 re-release of the 1925 film, for which Chaplin composed a...

From Boston Book Company


Metropolis (Original US herald for the 1927 film) by Fritz Lang (director); Thea von Harbou (screenplay, novel), Channing Pollock (adaptation)

Hollywood: Universum Film [UFA] / Paramount Pictures, 1927. Original advertising herald for the US release of the 1927 film, a shortened 115 minute version re-cut by American playwright Channing Pollock, who is credited on the herald. Interestingly, th...

From Royal Books, Inc.


我們要切切實實的對日經濟絕交. [Wo men yao qie qie shi shi de dui ri jing ji jue jiao]. [Chinese Kuomintang Propaganda Poster - We Need to Pose A Total Economic Sanction on Japan]. by [XIUTANG]. (ILLUSTRATOR). 秀堂

[南京].[Nanking].: 南京特別市農民協會.[Nanjing te bie Shi nong min xie hui].. [1928].. Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) propaganda stencilled poster in blue and red, appears to have been issued fol...

From Asia Bookroom


[毛主席像]. [Mao zhu xi xiang]. [Chinese Propaganda Poster - Chairman Mao's Portrait]. by [EARLIEST OFFICIAL PORTRAIT POSTER OF CHAIRMAN MAO?]

北京.[Beijing].上海.[Shanghai].: 工人出版社.[Beijing gong ren chu ban she].上海勞動出版社.[Shanghai lao dong chu ban she].. 1949.. Large colour head and should...

From Asia Bookroom


[Embrace the Base] Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp Invite Women to Take Part in an International Action to Stop the Siting of Cruise Missiles Anywhere in Europe. December 12th & 13th. Embrace the Base on Sunday. Close the Base on Monday. by Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

[England, 1982]. Poster (420mm x 580mm). Professionally mounted, framed and glazed using archival materials. White text and graphic of a missile caught in a spider's web superimposed over a grey and red photograph of the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki. Mar...

From Alembic Rare Books


Women in the War—We Can't Win Without Them. by War Manpower Commission

Washington D.C.: US Govt. Printing Office, 1942. Colour poster (28 x 40 in). Professionally mounted, glazed, and framed using archival materials. Original creases from folding, bright and fresh. Excellent condition. An important Second World War poster...

From Alembic Rare Books



[China].: 國民政府軍事委員會政治訓練部. [Guo min zheng fu jun shi wei yuan hui zheng zhi xun lian bu].. [1926].. Chinese Kuomintang propaganda poster printed in blue on wh...

From Asia Bookroom


The Sketchbooks of Picasso "Je Suis Le Cahier": Exhibition Poster by Pablo Picasso; Paloma Picasso ( SIGNED)

New York: SPADEM/ Pace Gallery Publ., 1986. RARE exhibition poster SIGNED by Paloma Picasso, renowned fashion designer and daughter of Pablo Picasso, signed lower left and dated by her "86. The exhibition ran at the Pace Gallery, New York City, from ...

From Dale Steffey Books



Original Poster for Merce Cunningham and John Cage Event at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, November 16, 1967

Original Poster: Theatre Event: The Merce Cunningham Dance Company with John Cage. Thursday, November 16, 8:00 p.m. Assembly Hall. Tickets: 2.50, 2:00 and 1.50, Illini Union Box Office or the Assembly Hall. Approximately 11.5" x 22”. Heavy yellow stock ...

From Crow Hop Rare Books


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