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The Arts Rare & Antiquarian Books


Lithographs, prints, books filled with art and books about art.


Classical to pop, music scores and treatises on composition.


From daguerreotypes and glass plates to the advent of digital pictures.

Original Works of Art

Real treasures can be found here, including paintings, wood cuts and more.

Performing Arts

Books about the dramatic and other performance-based art, books about performers, for performers and books written by actors, dancers, singers and more.

American Artists

You will find works by Thoreau, Whistler, Levy and many more. An eclectic mix of original art by American artists, as well as prints, lithographs and other works of art.

British Artists

The works of Willam Hogarth, J. M. W. Turner, all the way to Banksy. Their works reproduced and described in these pages.

European Artists

Original works of art as well as prints and other works by European artists.


From classical figures of Ancient Greece to non-objective forms of modern art, sculpture is one of the most diverse and universal art forms.


From the simplest sketched studies for great paintings to elaborate woks in using colored pencil, gesso and pen and ink.


Books into film - original screenplays of popular movies


Programs are the height of theatrical ephemera - listing who starred in the spotlight, who produced and directed the show, and the technical geniuses behind the stage.

Artists' Books

Collections of an artists' work - an always popular niche in the collectible market.


From the Ancient Greeks to Brodaway musicals, the theater has educated and entertained us for thousands of years.


Public spaces and houses, from modern metropolis to fallen civilizations and the buildings that they have left as evidence.

Fashion and Costumery

Whalebone corsets, flapper bobs, tux and tails, fashion defines us like nothing else.


Framed and unframed, a collection of fine loose artists' prints.