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Workers Library Publishers

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Workers Library Publishers was the Workers Party of America’s New York City-based publishing house for pamphlets, focusing on propaganda pamphlets official Workers Party magazines. (International Publishers was the party’s book publishing house.)
Founded in 1921, the Workers Party of America was the name of the legal party organization that supported the Marxist-Lenin ideology. Before establishing its own publishing houses, the Workers Party published a number of items under its own imprint, or in association with the Daily Worker, the party’s newspaper. At the group’s 1925 convention, it renamed itself the Workers (Communist) Party; and in 1929, the Communist Party USA. By the end of the 1930s, only about 10% of the party’s titles were published as pamphlets.
Pamphlets published by Workers Library Publishers include Bertram David Wolfe’s The Trotsky opposition: its significance for American workers – No. 5 (1928), Josef Peters’ and Jack Stachel’s The Communist Party: A Manual on Organization (1935), and Alex Bittelman’s Milestones in the History of the Communist Party (1937).

First Edition Identification

First editions from Workers Library Publishers have “Published (month, year)” on the copyright page with no additional printings listed.

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